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Mon, 04/07/2014 - 15:26 - pastpixels

We distribute our products to the retail trade except for some pamphlets.

Some pamphlets that we publish may be distributed to the retail trade by others. It will depend on the agreement with the partner

Local history booklets

We are keen to provide an opportunity for small scale and local publications to have a national platform for sales. An example would a short history of a Trades Council, which originally had a local audience and was priced with no distribution costs and retail mark up in mind. We will do this without expecting a share of the income (it could not work otherwise).We will undertake to put the publication on our site. We will discuss with the supplier how to manage the costs we incur; packaging, postage and any additional handling fess imposed by Paypal or similar.

Why do we offer this? Because the publications require and warrant a wider audience and secondly we would hope for more visits to our site.

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