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Mon, 04/07/2014 - 15:25 - pastpixels

Greetings cards.

We pack a greetings card with an envelope in a clear peel n seal bag (sometimes called a cello bag). We are seeking alternatives to these cello bags.

We are moving from the use of clear plastic cartons for packs of greetings cards and postcards to printed cartons.


We roll the posters and insert them in what is called LFT (Lay Flat Plastic) tubing. It’s a thin plastic tube which is supplied flat on a roll. Then we insert the poster and LFT in a cardboard tube and attach end caps.

For tubes that will be mailed to a customer, we also staple the end caps to the cardboard tube for greater security.

We buy the tubes in bulk and recycle large quantities.

Royal Mail has a special arrangement for tubes which are no more than 450mm long and 75mm diameter. They are strict. Tubes which measure 450mm are too long, as the end caps themselves add at least 2mm. So we source tubes which are less than 450mm.

Posters which require a tube greater than 450mm are more expensive to mail out and to buy. We have a supply of recycled tubes which are 75mm and greater than 450mm. We cut them to suit the posters and are often to be seen when we do stalls at events.


Packs of postcards are now supplied in printed cardboard cartons which are shrink wrapped. One set of postcards (Strike '84) continue to be available in a clear cello bag.

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