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We are aware of the ISO14000 series of standards and are considering how to achieve them.

Meanwhile we consider sustainability to be concerned with our use of:
• finite energy sources for our personal and business transport.
• materials in the whole process of production, packing and delivery of products.
• Information and communication technologies.
• Energy resources for heating, lighting and other activities and facilities in our working environments.

Currently we:
• Use RAP Spiderweb in Oldham for litho and digital print and finishing. Paper and card are from reputable sources.
• Are running down our existing stock of mixed media packaging, which is more difficult to recycle at the consumer end of the life cycle.
• Are replacing our stock of clear plastic bags for greetings cards with biodegradable ones.
• Seek and where possible purchase packaging that uses card or paper as opposed to mixed media, which are less easy to recycle.
• Re-use as much of the packaging material that we receive. (A consequence of which is that, at times, customers will receive scruffy packaging and material which is difficult to recycle.)
• Seek new premises which would either already offer low-carbon heating and lighting or enable the adoption of same.

If you can suggest other practical means to ensure there will be a decent planet for our children’s children to live on, please tell.