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Mon, 04/07/2014 - 15:22 - pastpixels

We have become experienced in photographing labour movement banners.  We will travel to locations with a portable studio lighting system and other necessary equipment to photograph banners which can be hung. We now have substantial experience of photographing banners which can only be unrolled but not hung.

In 2022 we aim to have ae custom built equipment which will enable one side of a delicate banners to be photographed flat and then turned over whilst flat, so that the other side can be photograpghed, without having to roll the banner up and out again.

High resolution images of small enamel badges have enavbled us to not only produce the greetings cards but also enlargements for t-shirts.

High resolution images are produced. After editing they are used for both print of cards and posters and the production of replica banners. The image files are suitable for archive purposes.

In addition to using our A3 professional scanner, we have two large vacuums tables so that large sheets of paper (posters for example) can be held flat and photographed. The largest can cope with 1500mm x 1000mm sheets of paper. These vacuum tables and associated equipment are be brought to your site.

Our digital retoucher produces excellent results. We will also undertake other photographic commissions.

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